Republic of Congo capital, Brazzaville, has in the last one week experienced a serious fuel shortage in most service stations. fuel
In most service stations in the town, long queues of vehicles are visible.
The Congolese government has not yet given any explanations regarding the fuel shortage that has disrupted transport in the capital city.
Due to the fuel shortage, taxi charges have risen from the normal 1,000 CFA Francs (about 2 U.S. dollars) to 1,500 CFA Francs.
Some vehicle owners have been forced to park their vehicles at home due to fuel shortage. Some have resorted to buying fuel from hawkers, commonly referred to as “Kadafi,” who illegally import fuel from Kinshasa, the capital of neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.
Fuel shortage has become frequent in Brazzaville yet the country has a refinery in its commercial capital, Pointe Noire. However, transportation of fuel using the country’s railway line from Pointe Noire to Brazzaville, a distance of 515 km, has always been faced with challenges.
Official statistics showed that Republic of Congo’s production of crude oil was expected to increase from 95.3 million barrels in 2014 to 103.8 million barrels in 2015.
Petroleum is Republic of Congo’s key resource product, contributing two thirds of the country’s GDP, 75 percent of public revenue and 90 percent of its export earnings. Enditem



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