To understand the success of The NewMax Group, you would have to understand the corporate culture, vision and the visionaries behind it. The founders of NewMax have always emphasised that they are not building a successful Ghanaian company, but a successful world-class global business.

During my recent visit to NewMax, growth and success were evident in the fact that the company has grown by leaps and bounds and the management has expanded their vision.

The company started off as NewMax Concept, an event-organising firm, and metamorphosed within four years into NewMax Company — an expanded outfit comprising three new wings: PR, Marketing and Business Consultation.

But that was just a launch-pad because two more years down the line, NewMax Company is now NewMax Group with investments in natural mineral explorations, prospecting and mining, and support services for mining companies.

The sheer magnitude of their expansion and the frequency with which NewMax completes and registers new companies to add to their portfolio is another indication of the company’s strength and commitment to growth in the face of the daunting economic challenges of our time.

In my recent interview with the team, z, Chief Executive, was quick to point out some of their recent achievements, which include opening an office in Washington, D.C., USA.

On his first trip, and in his first official interview in Ghana, the head of the U.S. branch, Prince Daryl Attipoe who also doubles as the Head of International Operations, said the reason he joined NewMax is that he was moved by the level of modesty the leadership exhibited in spite of their many accomplishments.

One of NewMax?s biggest advocates, Prince Asiel Ben Israel, who is the International Ambassador of the African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem and consultant and advisor to a lot of presidents across Africa, speaks highly of its professionalism and expertise.

After his first discussion with Prince Etornam on the phone, Mr. Harrison realised that NewMax was positioned for nothing but greatness. He said what clinched it for him was the sense of family that he experienced, as well as the fact that everyone gives 101%, which is a rare trait.

He resigned from the investment banking firm he was working with and joined NewMax a week later. He expressed optimism for Ghana, saying ?there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel if proper leadership measures are taken to harness the many huge opportunities Ghana is blessed with.?

As the Head of International Operations, he is the liaison between NewMax and international investors who are willing to invest and be partners in their developmental endeavours.

Enam Agboli, co-founder and head of marketing, indicated that in a few days NewMax will feature on the British Chamber of Commerce’s portals all over the world. This move, he said, is worth celebrating because only a handful of corporations on the continent of Africa have this rare opportunity.

?The kill for me is the satisfaction in knowing that we didn’t go lobbying for such a move, but British Chamber of Commerce contacted us and gave us the invitation to feature to the point where they will run an article about our CEO, Prince Etornam Attipoe.?

Prince Edinam Attipoe, COO and co-founder, was quick to add that the company’s commitment towards charity is unwavering, saying they are a product of God’s kindness, charity of grace and riches ? hence the company will never stop giving back.

A percentage of the company’s annual profit is now set aside to invest in education, particularly in the communities where they mine. They will also invest into research in alternative medicine and healthcare, and build and renovate churches in rural Ghana.

He called on the private sector to play active and direct community-development roles and make sure while they prosper, the community prospers along with them.

?Ghana will be a better place if we take the community along on our journey to success, so that when we succeed as individuals or companies the community also succeeds,? he said.



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