Fritz in a fierce fight with a Legon porter



The rise to stardom comes with a great deal of responsibilty which includes keeping up the name.To Fritz, there is nothing like keeping up with his name although he is not really a popular figure in our celebrity circus. He’s a student of the University of Ghana , pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and statistics.

This afternoon it was an eyesore as he was engaged in a fierce fight with a porter at the Jean Nelson Hall in the University of Ghana. As he entered the hall this afternoon,the porter confronted him as to where he is going and what he is up to as the hall policy demanded. Fritz in turn started abusing the porter verbally that, he does not know who he is and can in no way question him.The porter took to his calm as Fritz kept making noise around and bringing the attention of passers-by.

A chat with the worried porter whose name has been witheld showed how grieved he was.

In his own words:

its the first time a student whom i can give birth to, has abused me in my many years of service here.I cant explain how terrified i am and i wish he comes to terms with the rules and regulations governing this hall.I am not reporting him to the hall authorities because i barely know him although a couple of students have notified me that he is Fritz,a name i have never heard before.

Speaking to an eye witness, he just couldnt believe why the ‘voice factory‘ lad did put up that absurd behaviour.He also emphasised that, Legon is not really the kind of place to walk around shoulder when Zigi,Kunta kinte of Bradez fame and EL are around and even barely make noise.

His big break came when he won a talent search contest, ‘THE VOICE FACTORY’ organized by Citi FM in 2009 and has also been nominated in the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

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