There is an interesting attraction at Granada where many locals can get a free plate of tapas with just one drink order. This makes Granada a popular vacation spot for visitors. There are many types of tapas which are served for free in Granada with a drink order. They include chips, olives, bread, calamari, nuts, chicken wings, sardine, salad, cheese, chorizo, cured ham, croquettes, meatball, potato salad and fried batter anchovies.

Great Hospitality

Granada offers a plethora of quaint bars, pubs, cafés and restaurants which can whip up a visitor’s appetite with its offering of tapas and local cuisine. There is no lack of tapas bars in Granada with the many tourists and locals frequenting a bite at any time of the day or night. Most tapas bars would enjoy a considerable volume of business even in the mid afternoon on a weekday.

With a simple order of a local house Vino Tinto wine, the table would be topped with an amazing assortment of tapas. The portions are generous unlike other nation’s bars and pub offerings. The fresh tapas served are surprisingly delicious although they are free; many visitors would not think twice about repeatedly visiting Granada just to enjoy the free tapas.

There would be a wide selection of tapas offered; first could be the freshly cut cured ham with a generous portion of crunchy and fresh pistachios and goat cheese. Along with these would be some slices of tasty fresh bread served with virgin olive oil which is much better than using butter. Any visitor to Granada would be delighted with such a hospitable welcome with a simple glass of drink in any tapas bar. That would make a great start to any holiday in Granada.

Frequent enjoyment

There is no limit to the number of times one can enjoy the free tapas in Granada.

Once the visitors are armed with this incredible hospitable knowledge, there is always the temptation to get into any of the quaint local bars or pubs for a round of free tapas with an order of drink.No vacation in Granada would be complete if one does not take advantage of the local hospitality and enjoy the tradition as much as possible. Hence, visitors would beeline to different bars and pubs in location espagne  just to taste the different local tapas as each bar or pub may offer different dishes. Some Granada bars serve tasty chicken wings with Spanish tomato sauce and some fried calamari while others serve really fresh bread with olives and virgin oil. The local wine and tapas are excellent with friendly locals to make a Granada vacation so enjoyable.

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