By: Robert Ayanful

Since President John Dramani Mahama Mahama assumed office, many have described his administration as infested with corrupt officials as some of his appointed ministers and members of his NDC party have been cited in one form of corrupt deal or another.

It would be recalled that the founder of the party and former president Dr. Jerry John Rawlings recently warned president Mahama to be careful the of the kind of people he appoints into his government as he is surrounded by a bunch of corrupt people whose intention is to ruin the State?s economy.

Since that warning by the former president and subsequent calls from section of the public on the president which accuses him of lacking the ability to deal with corrupt officials in his government, the President, John Dramani Mahama has come out publicly to announce that his administration will not tolerate any such corrupt official caught and found guilty of any corrupt deal would be made to face the full rigours of the law.

The declaration by the president, some say is not enough as there are incidents of some official in his government cited in one form of corruption or another, yet these officials are walking about freely.

But the founder of Miracle Healing Ministry, Apostle Jonas Ashia-Afarihas proposed stringent measures that will make people shun away from the practice.

Speaking in an interview with The Moment at his base in Gomoa Aboso in the Central Region, Apostle Ashia-Afari said instead of sentencing people found to have engaged deals into prison where he said they will come back and enjoy their loot with their families, the State must rather seize all properties belonging to them whether in the country or outside the country for good.

According to him, when this is done, it will put the perpetrators and their families into a state of abject poverty and ridicule and will serve as deterant to others.

Apostle Ashia-Afari?s suggestion follows a recent case where a Court found a leading member of a political guilty of duping the State huge sums of money and ordered him to refund the money yet this man has refused to pay and is walking about as a freely.


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