In this corporate world you can find number of business law firms in India that offers wide verities of business / company law services with complete guidance and assistance at affordable rates. India is one of the business countries with high rate of commerce and trade that attracts most of the leading companies of the world towards India. It is only reason that raises the demand of corporate law firms in India. Services like trademark registration, trademark search india, international trademark registration, trademark litigation,  trademark classifications, trademark copyright, free trademark search, patent trademark attorney, patent registration, how to patent a name, patent opposition,  intellectual property laws, brand protection, PCT filling in India, ipr law firms, service mark registration, brand registration, foreign company registration, international copyright registrations and pct filing are some of the business law services offered by most of the company law firms in India.

Among these services, patent registration is one of the powerful tool and favored law services for the newly get invented products.

It act as powerful tool in order to prevent one’s innovative invention from the unauthorized use, getting stolen, misuse, sold or copied by the unauthorized person. Registration of patent is a process of granting ownership provided by the government to product’s original inventor for an invention in any kind product or service that would be offer to the international market. In India the registration of particular patent is done for 20 years that must be renewed at the regular interval of time. Under patent registration, patent opposition and how to patent a name are two important terms that must be resolved with the help of any corporate firms. All these firms are equipped with well experienced attorneys, having awesome experience in resolving various types of corporate level issues.

Besides this, trademark registration is also one of the famous registrations of logo, design, mark or images that turn out be trademark of a particular company. Trademark registration is very useful in case same product manufactured by different manufacturers. Trademark gives unique identity to company in the international market. Similarly company registration is another powerful tool that registers one’s company name under company act 1956. There are some specific rules, procedures and guidelines that one has to follow in order to apply for company registration. Different countries having different rules and procedures for company registration like India follows all those rulers which are prescribed by company act 1956.

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