The Science and Industry Museum

The museum of science and Industry is one Manchester’s finest museums as it offers a great educational experience which certainly makes for a memorable day out as you and the kids will love it. Visitors to the museum can indulge in lot of lively activities for the people of all age groups. The exhibitions and activities are regularly being updated so there is always something new to explore.

Imperial War Museum North

Lovers of history cannot afford to miss this wonderful War Museum and you will quickly wonder why you were allowed in for free. Housed in what is a specially designed building that looks more like a piece of art than a museum building, you will find yourself spending hours exploring the different exhibitions showcasing the influence war has had on the world.

History has been very well preserved here.

Take a picture of Old Trafford

Home to Manchester Utd, one of the world’s most famous football clubs. Here you can stand outside the massive stadium and take your very own picture of what is called ‘the theatre of dreams’. Even if you are not a Manchester Utd fan, the stadium is very impressive and well worth a visit.

Window Shopping

Manchester is a great place for shopping but if your wallet is a little empty then you can still have fun doing a little browsing. All of the big names can be found on the Manchester high street which will make you want to return when your wallet is a little healthier. It’s also a great way to stay out of the rain, you are in England you know.The food and drink may not be free but after a hard days sightseeing you are going to need somewhere to relax. Nothing can be better than a refreshing cup of tea at Lowry Hotel. Apart from having tea, you can enjoy some delicacies too like finger fries, ice cream etcThere are many more free things to do in Manchester apart from those listed here so why not book yourself a trip to Manchester and enjoy one of England’s great cities. 

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