Deprived households in the Sunyani Municipality will soon benefit from free in-house toilet facilities.

Mr Kumi
Mr Kumi

Mr George Kumi, a former Ambassador to Libya, in the erstwhile New Patriotic Party administration, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that his intention to construct the toilets is to end the long queues residents in the municipality join before attending public toilets.

He intimated that he was seriously lobbying support from international partners and other funding agencies, to able to construct the facilities.

Mr Kumi, also a former High Commissioner to Nigeria, expressed worry that the Municipality was still lagging behind in development, with majority of residents deprived of other basic necessities, including potable drinking water and educational infrastructure.

He emphasized that farmers in communities such as Wawasua, Nkrankrom, Atronie, Antwikrom and Atuahenekrom, among others, ought to be supported and motivated to engage in commercial food and livestock production, to enable them meet their daily necessities.

Mr Kumi who was very compassionate about the unemployment situation, especially among the youth, advised those unemployed to endeavour and engage in artisanal works and other apprenticeship programmes.

He emphasized that though education played a critical role in self and national development, it ought not to be a hindrance to those who could not have the opportunity to go to school to become national assets.

Mr Kumi advised Ghanaians to bury their partisan political differences, and collaborate in effort towards national reconstruction efforts.




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