The Executive Committee of the Ghana Football Association today elected Fred Crentsil as the Vice President.

Fred Crenstil
Fred Crenstil

Crenstil, an Ex.Co member stood unopposed for the Vice President position.

In accordance with the GFA Statutes, the Ex.Co at its meeting on Tuesday, September 25, Crentsil now fills the vacancy left following the passing away of Jordan Anagblah, four months ago.

?The GFA is currently strategizing to come with its four-year business plan geared towards making football development in Ghana globally competitive,? Crentsil said.

?The strategic focus as envisioned would be a five-tier approach that would deepen and rekindle the future prospects of Ghana football

?With the help of my colleagues and friends in Ghana football administration we will drive this agenda forward to continue to enhance the status of Ghana in world football.?


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