It has finally been established that the said report being bandied about by Franklin Cudjoe with regards to the ?ghosts? situation at the Controller and Accountant General?s Department (CAGD) was not any extraordinary undercover by any efforts of his.

It has now been established, that the said report was commissioned by the government led by His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama to identify the active workers? record on the payroll of government.

It is a fact that a chunk of government?s revenue is spent on paying wages and salaries of a little over 600,000 public sector workers. It is estimated that about 60-65% of government revenue goes into the payment of wages and salaries, strangulating the need for resources for the development of other critical areas of our economy.

This has resulted in the option of seeking for external financial assistance to enable government meet the ever-increasing demand for the provision of adequate social services for the general benefit of the people of Ghana.

That identified, government, in an attempt to ensure that monies paid as wages and salaries goes into the pockets of people who are truly working, an investigation was commissioned into the long-standing ?ghost names? phenomenon in order to weed the pay structure of unscrupulous criminals milking the state.

A biometric registration exercise was commission by the CAGD to ascertain the true state of the worker population on government payroll. The report from KPMG, an international audit firm, was carried alongside the biometric exercise but on the quiet.


It is this report that had been concluded by KPMG which report was instigated by government that the Executive of IMANI ? Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe had intercepted and running around as though it was an extraordinary effort he exerted to ascertain any such report.

The restructuring when concluded, would make the payroll a credible one as an effective coding system had been employed to identify workers with their departments in all public institutions. This makes the identification and tracing of ?ghosts? very easy as a department in a government institution could be monitored in the event that ?ghosts? have invaded that unit and to enable the appropriate steps to he taken.

Source: Stephen Kwabena Attuh, ASK!


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