fran-drescher-shiva-ayyaduraiAt age 56, former?Nanny star Fran Drescher is getting a second chance at love. In fact, she reveals to?Closer Weekly?that things are getting serious with her new boyfriend, MIT professor Shiva Ayyadurai.

?I?m in love with a new man!? the TV starlet raves to?Closer. ?We?ve been together for only three months and 7,000 years,? she adds, teasing that she just may have found her soul mate. ?He could be. Everyone loves him, including my ex-husband, because we?re happily divorced!?

In the new issue of?Closer,?Fran opens up about what lies ahead for her in terms of marriage, motherhood and more! When asked if a wedding could be in their future, Fran tells the mag, ?We shall see! We?ve both been married, and we don?t need to get married. But life will unfold and we shall see. I?ve done the big wedding, and I have nothing against marriage at all. I think it?s particularly nice if you?re having children.?

Are children a possibility for the new couple? ?We?ve talked about that a little bit, but it?s too soon. We have to evaluate whether we feel we?re too old or if we could still do it.? Fran and Shiva would either adopt ?or get an egg donor and surrogate if he wanted to use his sperm. But sometimes, with older men, it can put the kid at a higher risk for autism.?




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