illegal miner
illegal miner

The Mozambican Police (PRM) announced on Tuesday in Maputo that four illegal miners who were carrying out their activities died after a landslide took place and buried them last week in the central province of Manica.

PRM’s spokesman, Inacio Dina, was speaking at the usual weekly briefing, saying that they are illegal miners who have been expelled from the region several times but returned.


“The young illegal miners were doing their activities when the ground collapsed on them. Other partners tried to save them by digging, but the amount of collapsed sand was huge. Although a public salvation service (firefighters) was requested, it was too late to save them,” said Dina.

It’s the third time this year that the authorities record such a case of illegal miners dying from land sliding in Mozambique.

Inacio Dina did not reveal the identities of the buried miners.

Mozambican government has expelled illegal prospectors for many times, but after only months or weeks they will sneak back to their activities. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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