A number of Accra based radio stations have subscribed to a teleconferencing platform that gives them a worldwide broadcast of their on-air programmes.

This is being pioneered by Forum networks Limited, the number one voice and data value-added service provider in Ghana operating the single largest teleconferencing bridge in West Africa.

By the application of teleconferencing technology, these radio stations could now widen their scope of reach through the extension of their coverage area, increase their audience base and their market share both locally and internationally through the GSM networks by the use of audio conferencing bridge.

This means that audience of a radio station could listen to their favourite programmes irrespective of their location by just placing a call to the assigned audio conference numbers of the radio stations. For instance, by just dialing 0242427103, one would be able to listen to Top Radio anywhere in the world and 0242427015 for Oman Fm. There are a host of other radio stations already broadcasting via this platform. Normal call rates apply.

This is a streaming option in addition to the already existing online streaming that radio stations in Ghana are used to. Advertisers or and sponsors of radio station programmes now have a reliable way of monitoring their placements irrespective of where they are.

By: Frank Agyemang.


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