Nana Ansah Weds Gifty Anti

In the last few weeks, the news media and social media for that matter, have been awash with reports of two of Ghana’s screen divas, Gifty Anti for turning clockwise from the long held title of the most popular spinster in town to the most talked about royal woman in recent times. And Nana Aba for getting banned from Tv3 for a mere social media goof.

Nana Ansah Weds Gifty Anti  Today, I shall be talking about the most talked about royal marriage than the discredited ban of Nana Aba. Join me and let’s talk about Gifty Anti, one of Ghana’s screen goddess. Let’s celebrate Gifty, let’s talk about the gossip, the positives and negatives. Let’s advise and pray for her, let’s wish well, let’s say Ayekooo!

Gifty, today we celebrate you for achieving this great feet of joining the coveted institution of marriage. It is not easy but I believe you can make it.

I have been following keenly in the media reports of your royal wedding which I hear was strictly by invitation from my little corner in Chiraa-Sunyani and I have made observations, advices, one or two rumors, and a few gossips that I have gleaned from social media for you. I hope you take the good for the good of your marriage and the bad as a caution for you in this great journey of marriage and discard the awful and sometimes petty hate against you.

Today I fall on our culture, wise sayings and proverbs to talk to you given that you’re now a royal queen by dint of your marriage to a chief.

Our culture has a collection of wise sayings that offer advise to us about how to live our lives and one of such is ” All men can marry women of their choice, but great women marry great men”. I believe God in his own wisdom has preserved you for all these years for Nana Ansah Kwao to appear. Any other man would have fallen because our tradition says great men should marry great women. And yes indeed, you are a great woman.

Like I indicated earlier, I have been monitoring the gossipers and their gossips, the haters and their hate speeches. I have been searching and surfing the web for the news about your royal wedding and I can tell you people really dedicated their valuable time to write, post and comment about you on social media as if they had nothing to do. There’s a cloud of pictures and videos on the web about your wedding that only Google can hold for future reference.

I start with the gossipers first and foremost. One of them posted on facebook that you attempted several times to marry but it couldn’t work out because anytime you made an attempt, the men don’t make it but join their ancestors. Forgive such people because our people say that two wrongs don’t make a right.

It is said also that “when someone has done something bad to you, trying to get a revenge will only make things worse” I hope you understand that very well given your experience about how Ghanaians behave. Just leave them and enjoy your marriage life.

In one of the comments on facebook that was accompanied with one of the beautiful pictures of your royal wedding said that, “Gifty Anti finally marries and former President Kufour was there” this is only but one of the few unfortunate mischievous comments I read on social media. Very unfortunate I must say.

Such mischievous diversionary rumors should be allowed to take the shine out of your marriage. They must not get even a second of your attention, they should rather toughen you and not weaken you. I know you are a strong woman with the capacity to stand such nonsense.

The pen they say is mightier than the sword and anytime you feel maligned, denigrated, insulted or your character has been assassinated by such people either under the cloak of any media house or social media, don’t jump into the gutter with them but just get your lawyers walking straight majestically to the court rooms to fight for your right and protect your marriage.

You’re in Rome now, and I hope you know you must do what the Romans do. You are married, and I must add that, not just married but married to chief. As much as possible, try at all times to let your marriage show in your goings and comings. Let the past be history, let friends be history, boyfriends and girlfriends alike, they must all be history. Only your husband Nana Ansah Kwao should be your friend. He must be your supporter and comforter.

Be the squeaky wheel, get the grease to your feet and don’t wait for the grease to get to you. Approach your husband anytime you don’t understand anything and avoid involving third parties.

When the going gets tough, develope a thick skin for the troubles and problems marriage comes with. I know you’re strong and strong people don’t give up when the going gets tough, they rather become tougher. They face every challenges head on.

Gifty, I know you looked very well before taking that great leap to embrace Nana Ansah Kwao, because I read in one of the tabloids that quoted you as saying that, you were happy you chose Nana above everyone else. That is a very refreshing piece of news.

You have found favor in marriage, always remember that “fortune favors the bold” and for stepping out to the plate, you’re already a winner. For taking such a great gargantuan step into holy matrimony, I believe you can continue to stay bold confident and never fall to the pressures that come with marriage. Our people say that “there is Mensah in every house” nowhere cool! so I know with this at the back of your mind, you will succeed.

Over the years, people have thrown stones at you, some have thrown rocks at you for the simple reason that you did not marry early as if to say marriage was by force, but in all that you survived. Now in the new kingdom of marriage, say to those people that “people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones”. Everybody has his or her negatives and we should all concentrate on our own businesses. If society could have ears to listen to all these cacophony of noises on who has done what and who hasn’t done what, the world would have come to a stand still.

Let’s hope for the best my dear sister, but prepare for the worst. Very soon, the political parties and politicians will start their campaigns towards the 2016 elections, be careful not to utter a word for or against any one of them because that can very dangerous for you. Try as much as possible to stay out of their reach, they can be poisonous. I know over the years you have tried to stay neutral and I will urge you to stick to that principle. Just concentrate on your marriage. Seek the kingdom of your marriage first and all other things shall be added on to you.

In many marriages, bad things might happen so be prepared. Good things may happen, so be expectant. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Gifty took a longtime to marry as some have sought to say but to such people say to them “better late than never” it is always good to do something on time but if you can’t do it on time you do it later.

I know you were waiting for your kind of “bird”that you can flock with as our people say “birds of the same furthers flock together” Nana Ansah Kwao is the best bird you can flock with so enjoy your time together with him. Share every single moment with him and relish every little time you both spend together.

You and your husband Nana, I will advise you to “keep your friends close but keep your enemies even closer”. Any one of them is capable of making or breaking your marriage. Just be careful!

When the paparazzies captured the glamour and the splendor of your wedding in magnificent pictures and spread them all over the internet news websites and on social media, they spoke a thousand times to me and in fact they were worth more than a thousand words. You indeed deserved every bit of the media frenzy and extensive coverage. No wonder you you both are exceedingly exceptional great media personalities who have served your industry so well.

However, this media attention should not let you loose focus. This same guy may come after you again. Keep your house free of “soups and stews” that wil draw their attention.

After so many years of staying home and living with your family and parents, is time to say goodbye to them. It is not easy, it is a very difficult thing to do but just try to say goodbye to them and join your husband. It is said that “there is no place like home but I can assure you that your husband’s home is best home if you make it so.You can’t make an omelet without breaking. You need to break from your extended family to join your husband to create a nuclear family.

Also you cannot achieve anything great without breaking hearts. It is not everybody who is happy you have finally found love. Dont be surprised that just by choosing to marry you may just have made a few people annoyed and angry but don’t worry about these people, just focus on the good results that comes out of your marriage.

Remember to always consult your husband before taking any step, if you do unto him what you want, he will return unto you in equal measure what you want. Always remember two heads are better than one. Don’t break the bond between the two of you so that no intruder gets the opportunity to break into your marriage. Remember that “a chain is only as strong as its weakest link”. Honesty must always be your policy. None of you neither husband or wife should be an absentee in the house because”absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Abdul Hanan Mohammed EL-Saeed
Chiraa- Sunyani
[email protected]


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