A canvas print is the best option to get your images and artworks in printed form. The display calls for gallery wrapping onto a frame. This form of printing is also known as stretched canvas or canvas art. In Fort Lauderdale canvas printing is gradually being accepted and more and more number of photographers and artists are choosing this over other printing alternatives.

The material that is generally used for such type of printing is cotton. Full cotton canvas printing provides very bright and sharp displays whereby the emotion captured in the moment is more life size and touching. Plastic poly canvases too are available. These are cheaper but the texture being rougher provides a worse depiction. For gallery displays and use in professional space it is always advisable to go for pure cotton canvases.

The printing that is done in canvas is also known as Giclée.

A good ink is one that dries faster and lasts a longer period. Many canvas printing companies claim that their work will last for over 70 years and are thus of archival quality. There are several other procedures apart from a good ink that will make the canvas last long and resistant to natural factors like water, wind and pollution.

Another important factor to consider in canvas printing is the framing. A framing can make the canvas stretched or unwrapped. It depends on how you are planning to use it. With a stretched canvas you will not have to take the responsibility of wrapping the canvas material onto the frame. They will be done by the experts in the company. However in the case of unwrapped canvases, you will have to order for the frame separately and employ necessary procedures to mount the canvas onto the frame. One advantage of unwrapped canvas is it being easier to ship or transport and the chances of damage during any relocation are minimized.

Talking of the stretched canvas, they are again of 4 different types:

•  A stretched edged canvas printing gives a blur effect at the sides making the primal color prominent. This is good for artistic images.
•  Mirror stretch canvas printing gives the effect of a continuation of the image over the edges. It is generally preferred for landscapes.
•  Color wrapped canvases are used to fill the wrap part of the frame with the dominant color in the image. This looks more surrealistic providing better contrast.
•  In case of multi panel wrapped images, when they are approached from any side, the frame looks to be in the image.

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