A former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana, Prof. Kwadwo Asenso-Okyere has passed on. He was 67 years old.

He was on a Food and Agricultural Organisation mission outside Ghana when he died.

Professor Asenso-Okyere was Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana from 2002-2006.

Director of Public Affairs at the University of Ghana, Stella A. Amoa confirmed the news to? a short statement.

Professor Asenso-Okyere had considerable experience in research and advocacy on economic development issues such as food and agriculture, health and nutrition and international trade policies.

Below is the statement

The family of Prof. Kwadwo Asenso-Okyere and the University of Ghana have been informed of the death of Prof. Asenso-Okyere while on an FAO mission outside Ghana.

The news was broken to the University on Saturday, May 10, 2014 by officials of the FAO Office in Accra.

Prof. Kwadwo Asenso-Okyere was a former Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana (2002-2006).

The family and the University of Ghana are deeply saddened by this news.? Further details will be provided as they become available.


Stella A. Amoa

?Director of Public Affairs

May 10, 2014



By: Evans Effah/


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