In this week’s issue – on newsstands now – multiple sources tell In Touch that Mariah Carey has come unhinged since her breakup with James Packer.

“Mariah’s behavior when it was over was ridiculous,” say a source close to the situation. “She’s gone full diva.”

Her former stylist Phillip Bloch tells In Touch, “She’s a lot to han­dle. She’s delusional, but that’s OK. It works in her life.”

Bloch goes on to say, “She’s like a ride at the amusement park — there’s a lot of turbulence going on there.”

Mariah’s famously gone off the rails before. In 2001, she was hospitalized for two weeks and received psychiatric care following an emotional breakdown.

Adds the Mariah in­sider: “Now that James is out of her life, she’s acting loopier than ever.”

“One minute she’s saying she wants to go to dinner to be seen by her fans, and the next minute she’s complain­ing that they won’t leave her alone when she goes out,” says the Mariah insider.



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