The initiative, spearheaded by a young, talented and rising corporate executive and former Miss Malaika contestant Helena Ewusie is set to inspire hope and belief and to provide an avenue for Ghanaians to connect with, sponsor and celebrate the important days of their lives with orphans in Ghana.


Conceived by the former Miss Malaika contestants and currently the Client Experience Executive for Airtel Money, HopeDaily is a non-profitable organisation established to give Ghanaians the opportunity to sponsor an orphaned child, spend a birthday with them or simply support the orphanage where the child resides during that special day in their life.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative at, Ms. Ewusie shared a passionate story of how thoughts about celebrating her birthday has led to the birth of the non-profit organisation set to inspire hope and bring smiles to the faces of thousands of orphans across the country. She said “HopeDaily started with a simple thought, an idea and a question ‘how do I celebrate my birthday in a way that makes me truly fulfilled? Answering this question set me thinking for days until the idea of spending the day with some orphans came to mind. I loved the feeling it ignited in my heart and I looked forward to the day. For me this was something totally different from how I’d celebrate a birthday. I started looking for a way to make the day truly special, not for me, but for someone else, someone who probably has never celebrated a birthday before just because they had the unfortunate incident of losing their parents”.

She continued “It was a big struggle finding an orphanage that could readily provide me with a way to celebrate my special day. Eventually, I drove to one of the Homes in Accra, engaged the head of the institution who gave me the permission to spend my birthday with the children there. It was arguably the best birthday of my life. I felt truly fulfilled that I could make an orphaned child’s day special just by spending time, encouraging and celebrating with them. After that encounter, I nursed this idea for months and decided that if I felt so great about celebrating my special day with these lovely children, certainly, there must be others out there looking for an opportunity to do same. That led to the establishment of HopeDaily – with a passionate objective to inspire hope and belief in orphaned children across the country”.

She indicated that every Ghanaian can be part of the HopeDaily initiative through a simple process that begins with visiting the website

“All one has to do is to visit our website where you will be able to select to spend your birthday, sponsor the birthday celebration of a child born in the same month as you. So for instance, if you were born in May, you simply select from the list of children in our partner orphanages who were also born in May. You can choose to, among others, purchase a birthday cake, card or present for that child and it will be delivered to them and images of the celebration posted on our website for your viewing pleasure. You can also sponsor a party for that child or for the orphanage that child resides all from the comfort of your home or office. You may decide to spend the day celebrating with your sponsored child at the orphanage physically or remotely sponsor a celebration for that child – whatever option you choose, we have a solution for you”.

“Since this initiative started, we have seen a great number of Ghanaians actively participating, spending time or sponsoring a child. Our aim is to put a smile on the face of every orphan child in Ghana during their birth month. With your support and sponsorship, we will make this happen for every single one of them”. She concluded.

Pledging his support for the initiative, ace Ghanaian Actor, Adjetey Anang popularly known as “Pusher” commended Helena for the foresight and passion to make a difference in the lives orphans in Ghana. He said “HopeDaily is a timely initiative to show our love and support for these children who through no fault of theirs have been orphaned. To take a day, once a year, to connect and celebrate with these special children is something we should all endeavour to do. Let’s support all the orphans across Ghana through the HopeDaily platform”.

HopeDaily is a non-profit organisation committed to putting smiles on the faces of every orphaned child in Ghana through the involvement of Ghanaians across the country.


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