Four armed robbers early Wednesday night stormed the Foresight Hospital in Ho taking away money and electrical gadgets.


The masked robbers attacked staff of the Hospital, seized their mobile phones before proceeding to ransack the Hospital.

Ms Elizabeth Asamoah, a Midwife, who spoke for management, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) the gunmen stormed the facility at about 2100 hours when the place was less busy demanding that staff surrender all moneys.

She said three staff members at the Out Patients Department including a security-man, were brutally assaulted.

Ms Asamaoh said the robbers apparently incensed about the rather small amount of cash they got, attacked the staff for not keeping enough money on them and attempted to remove a flat screen television.

She said they made away with two laptops and about GHC1,000.00cash.

Ms Asamoah said an eyewitness claimed she spotted a taxicab at the entrance of the Hospital a few minutes before the attack.

The police were said to have arrived a few minutes after the attack.

On Monday, Chiefs of Asogli State in Ho threatened to send Asogli Warriors to the street to take over the security of the Town following daily reports of armed robbery in the Regional capital. With the perpetrators hardly arrested.



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