Migration to E-business has increased rapidly in small & midrange segment since the advent of 21st century. Therefore, businesses are improving their response time and ensuring fast data access. Along with all these stiff challenges, comes the need for long term data retention, which is dictated by the government legislations. To fulfill this demand, it has become essential to create periodic backups of all the valuable business data. Moreover, this is also vital for organizational sustainability.

The ideal backup solution for low-end market and small-scale businesses that has proved its performance and cost-efficiency is Sony’s AIT turbo format. This tape format is the advanced version of field-proven 8mm Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) technology. Sony AIT1 turbo is a market-leading solution in small business industry and addresses the stiff demands of workgroups and low-end server applications.

TAIT1-40C is a robust and compact AIT1 turbo cartridge that features an innovative AME (Advanced Metal Evaporated) formulation.

This Sony-branded tape can seamlessly record large data volumes because its areal density has been significantly increased with the help of the AME technology. AIT1 turbo tape stores 40 GB data. Users can further improve the storage value and performance with AIT turbo format’s impressive 2.6 to 1 data compression technology. Therefore, the tape’s data storage capability boosts to 104 GB.

AIT1 turbo solution meets the performance and capacity needs at a low cost per GB. You can connect to a wider range of computing systems as Sony has designed its AIT1 turbo drives with ATAPI (IDE) and SCSI connectivity options.

IDE interface features in internal drive unit, whereas the other SCSI SE/LVD interface is available in both external & internal models. So the users have more choice and most importantly, their small 3.5-inch design architecture makes them the most space efficient drives. These robustly engineered AIT-1 drives ensure reliable restores and precise data recording at 6 MB/s native speed. SDX5-400C represents the Sony’s 5th generation AIT5 media tape that is unrivaled in terms of compactness. It can squeeze a large volume of data reaching 400GB / 1040GB.

Dust particles and debris accumulation are the most common reasons of write/read errors. But Sony has taken care of this problem with its intelligent self cleaning system. The AIT1 turbo drives feature this smart technology that improves head life and allows long term backup/retrieval operations. Base film of AIT1 turbo tape features high coercivity and flux density, because Sony has used 100% pure cobalt. Additionally, a protective layer known as DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) further elevates its robustness, thus ensuring reliable protection against pollutants and harsh temperatures.

A memory chip features in all Sony-branded AIT media tapes that allows drives to rapidly access the data, while reducing their media ejection/loading times. Operational information and directory are recorded in this chip. That is why the AIT 1 turbo drives quickly load the tape media within an impressive time span of only 13-14 seconds. So, secure your data center with this intelligent tape system that is perfect for your slim IT budgets.

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