Anthony Baffoe
Anthony Baffoe

The 7th edition of the Annual Congress of the International Association of Football Lawyers (AIAF) was opened in Cairo, Egypt today with African football and the challenges it faces among the main topics discussed.

The opening session kicked off on the topic of: Football 2.0: Growing the Game. It saw Mario Gallavotti, FIFA’s Director of Independent Committees, Anthony Baffoe, CAF Deputy Secretary-General and Moustapha Abdullah, CAF’s Chief Compliance Officer, discuss football law and governance in a session moderated by Patricia Moyersoen, AIAF President.

Discussions covered financial compliance rules and Club Licensing, with participants agreeing that it is essential to conduct audits.

Achta Mahamat Saleh, CAF Director of Legal Affairs discussed the new FIFA Clearing House system and the positive effect it will have in increasing solidarity between football stakeholders.

Abdel Bah, CAF Director of Marketing and TV spoke to the congress about media rights and the important role they play in generating revenue for CAF.


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