African Food Market
African Food Market

A member of the Government Communications team, Stephen Atubiga, who recently served a three-day prison sentence for contemptuous statements, has alleged that some Ghanaians are stuffing food at home and withdrawing their monies from the bank in fear of the outcome of the Supreme Court case.

Atubiga was was speaking on Adom TV?s Pampaso show.

He said: ?I?m telling you that people are withdrawing monies from banks and stuffing food at home because they are not sure of the outcome of the case,? Atubiga claimed.

When show host Kofi Adomah Nwanwani asked if he has evidence to back his allegations Atubiga answered ?yes?, but did not provide evidence immediately.

Atubiga, however, urged Ghanaians not to panic because the security agencies in the country are up to the task to ward off any lawlessness after the verdict.

He, therefore, urged people not to withdraw their monies from the banks because ?nothing evil will happen after the Supreme Court


verdict.? (ADOM NEWS)


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