Kakube festival

Divisional Chiefs in the Bawku- Kasaug Traditional Area have urged Mamprusis in the Bawku Municipality to follow laid down procedure in the establishment and celebration of traditional festivals .Akwambo festival

The call is against the background of the issue of celebration of the ?Damba? festival by Mamprusis in the Bawku Traditional Area, which has been put on hold since 2013.

In a press release dated January 12th 2015 and signed by Naba Abaare Moses Appiah, Binaba Naba, Naba Ibrahim Aguure, chief of Pusiga, Naba Robert Akolbila Agetwin, chief of Binduri and Naba Francis Akolwin ,the chief of Tempane, and copied to the Upper East Regional Minister, Mr James Tiigah, the chiefs indicated their disappointment at the refusal of Mamprusis to return to the inter-ethnic peace process , saying it was painting a distorted picture of the overall situation.

The chiefs indicated that the laws of Ghana made adequate provision for addressing any genuine grievance rather than resort to blame and violence.

Giving reasons why the Bawku Traditional Council had protested against the celebration of Damba, the Chiefs indicated that the Damba festival was a royal celebration centered on the over lord of the land and therefore was only authorized and presided over by the overlord at all celebrations as witnessed in other areas in the Northern regions.

According to the release, the planned programme prepared by the Mamprusis in Bawku for the celebration of Damba was neither known to nor authorized by the overlord of Bawku also known as Bawku Naba.

It said the proposed celebration was headed by a regent posing as overlord of the area, with the venue for the celebration named as Gbewaa Palace in Bawku.

It said allowing the celebration of Damba in Bawku would send wrong signals to the effect that there were two Paramount Chiefs in Bawku , one for Kusasis and another for Mamprusis. ?The legality of the current chieftaincy is not in doubt and any attempt to challenge or usurp authority of Bawku Naba would not be tolerated?, it added.

The release also indicated that the Bawku Traditional Council had since 2011 drawn up guidelines for the celebration of traditional festivals in the area and copies distributed to all ethnic communities including the Mamprusis for guidance and compliance.

According to the release, the Samanpiid festival of chiefs and people of Kusaug Traditional Area in Bawku was celebrated since 1988, the Danjour festival by Bimobas celebrated since 2006, and Zekula festival for the Bissa Community celebrated since 2004.

It also noted that the ?Buudi Yelleh? celebration by the Moshie Community which started in Bawku had not taken place over the years .

Naba Robert Agetwin, Binduri Naba in an interview said the Samanpiid festival was observed in the Kusaal speaking catchment and that there were procedural arrangement for instituting such festivals.

He further indicated that in such matters permission had to be sought from traditional authorities such as the Nayiri and the Bawku-Naba, among other things.

He called on Mamprusis to respect the call of President John Mahama to return to the inter-ethnic peace process.



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