Female musician, Sherifa Gunu has called on Ghanaians to pay more attention to indigenous music especially those originating from the northern part of the country.

Sherifa Gunu
Sherifa Gunu
She told Showbiz in an interview last Saturday that although the music industry in the country was predominantly focused on music from the south, the north had a lot to offer the country in terms of good music with positive lyrics.


She advised emerging artistes interested in traditional music not to be detered by the challenges which would come their way.

?I see a lot of up and coming artistes trying to break through and I think there is a lot of potential in that area. The emerging artistes are giving off their best and they are making a lot of headway in the industry.

? I am proud of how far Wiyaala has come and I am happy for her because doing a different style of music is never an easy feat. I just want the new artistes to know that they would face a lot of challenges but with perseverance they can break through,? she said.

Sherifa recounted some of the challenges she faced at the initial stages of her career. ?When I started music, you could tell there was a lot of ignorance towards what I was doing.

? Sometimes the treatment I received at events I was invited to perform at was not the best but, thanks to my performances and determination, I was able to change people?s minds though it took a while,? she added.

She also advised Ghanaian musicians to take a second look at the lyrics of their songs. She asked artistes to work on teaching positive social and educational values to the youth with the lyrics of their songs.

Sherifa who has been missing from the music scene for some months now revealed to Showbiz that she had to take a break from music because of personal reasons.

?I was about to promote my new album when I had to take a break because of pregnancy. Thank God I have delivered a healthy baby and I am coming back bigger and stronger than before,? she said.
She said promotions for her album would begin at the end of August with the release of her first single titled Krekete Soya.

?Krekete Soya is derived from an old Ghanaian story in a primary school English reading book because my passion is to promote the habit of reading in our children.

? The children need to be taught morals and they have to be exposed to positive lyrics and that is just one way of doing that.?

Source : graphic.com.gh


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