This past weekend, a very different kind of promotion for a new superhero film actually did convince some New Yorkers that human beings had taken to the skies. What looked to be three people were spotted flying around the skies of lower Manhattan last Friday, causing a lot of double-takes and dropped jaws from onlookers. But while it appeared to be a sight straight out of a comic book, it was actually a clever bit of viral marketing for this week’s upcoming film “Chronicle.” Those aren’t people in the air, but some very intricately designed radio-controlled airplanes. The movie tells the story of three high school students who discover they have superpowers, including the ability to fly. To promote it, the studio called on Thinkmodo, a company that specializes in creating viral sensations. They first made a splash with a video that seemed to show a man using an invention to hack into the video screens in Times Square. It was later revealed to be a tie-in for the Bradley Cooper movie “Limitless,” which went on to be a surprise hit. For “Chronicle,” though, the team had a different direction in mind.

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