The Executive Secretary of the National Media Commission George Sarpong has sent a stern warning to media institutions operating in the country against flouting the commission’s new directive.
According to Mr. Sarpong, electronic media risk closure if they contravene the new legislative instrument LI 2224 passed by Parliament to empower the National Media Commission, NMC, to sanitize the airwaves.

The LI, content standards Regulations 2015, passed by Parliament in December 2015, also empowers the NMC to grant content authorization to an operator or revoke same, if an operator, comprising mainstream radio and television broadcasters, telecommunications operators or their agents or any company that distributes electronic content, contravenes the regulations.

The Content Standards Regulation 2015 also entreats that all radio and television stations seek content authorization from the NMC before airing a particular programme.

The implementation of this new directive has been vehemently opposed by the Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association and have further hinted their decision to embark on a legal journey to the Supreme Court to seek redress since to them, the new L2224 is a sheer removal of press freedom and the re-introduction of the criminal libel law through the “back door”.

But the Executive Secretary of NMC, George Sarpong, according to reports from GBC says the new law is not meant to hinder electronic media in the discharge of their duties but rather it is to ensure that distributors of content employ minimum standards in their work.

Hence going against the directive will result in the closure of the offending media institution



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