In today?s economy, people worldwide are spending more on their mothers than they have in recent years.

about-arena-floristsHaving spent slightly more on Valentine?s Day, Easter and even St. Patrick?s Day this year, consumers are continuing the trend and will spend a little bit more on? their beloved mothers as well.?For retailers, Mother?s Day has become a day to look forward to, as people tend to send gifts to their mothers, grandmothers, aunts and mothers-in-law and hence the chances of multiple sales taking place increases.

Mother?s Day is turning out to be more profitable for florists than Valentine?s as the prices of roses and other flowers soar during Valentine?s season which results in low margins.?The volume of sales on Mother?s Day is almost catching up with Valentine?s Day and there has been a steady increase in the ticket size for Mother?s Day which was 4% more than that of Valentine?s Day last year.

As one of the biggest holidays of the year, billions are expected to be spent on flowers and other gifts this Mother?s Day as well.?This continues an upward spending trend since 2009, in spite of high gas prices and economic uncertainty. Even with slight improvements in the economy, consumers are still looking for unique, sentimental and meaningful ways to show mom that she is important. For most, mom is the glue that holds the family together.

In countries such as Singapore and Malaysia??the culture of sending gifts on International Mother’s day has been on a rise. Along with?the Expats who send back gifts to their countries, the locals are also joining in to celebrate this day with equal enthusiasm.?Flora2000 has been witnessing increased business from these countries for the past few years.

?I think that for those who have the money, it?s a way of showing how successful they have become and thank their mothers by gifting them something extravagant. But regardless of earnings, when it boils down to it, mother?s rarely measure their relationships with their kids or their kids success levels based on how much they spend. That?s why we have an extensive and exclusive Mother?s Day range which features high end luxury gifts like expensive perfumes, jewelry, designer bags as well as simple heartwarming presents and ensembles?, says Rehan Yar Khan,?Founder & CEO Flora2000.

Flora2000 is a floral luxury brand which is active within floral industry more than a decade now ?and has pioneered in the same niche. The brand has expanded its network across the world and presently it has the largest network of vendors with delivery in over 180 countries.


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