About 5,000 people at Kongo and its surrounding communities in the Garu-Tempane District might soon be cut off from the rest of the district if authorities fail to repair major roads in the area.

An untarred 12-kilometre road constructed in 1996 is only access route linking Kongo and it surrounding communities to Basyonde.

The recent torrential rains that hit most parts of Upper East region damaged the road which has impeded the movement of vehicles in the Garu-Tempane District.

Recently, the Upper East Regional Minister, who was accompanied by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority, Gilbert Iddi toured affected areas to assess the level of destruction in the district after the floods.

According to him, many of the affected roads had not been rehabilitated for a long time, a situation he described as unfortunate and inimical to the development of the country.
Apart from the Kongo-Basyonde road, there is another 10 kilometer road stretching from Kugzua to Gagberi which is unmotorable.

The Kugzua-Gagberi road project, started in 2007, serves as the only route linking about 15 Electoral Areas in that area to Garu.

Gagberi has one of the biggest markets in the district so the current situation will make it difficult for traders and other people in the nearby communities to transact business.

The Upper East Regional Feeder Roads Director, Samuel Banini, who accompanied the team, stressed the need to expedite work on the Kongo-Basyonde road to facilitate the movement of people and avoid accidents.

According to him, about GH?2 million would be required to repair the Kongo-Basyonde road.

Commenting on the Kugzua-Gagberi road, Mr. Banini said two culverts were completely destroyed during the floods.

It would cost about GH?6 million to put the road in a better shape, Mr. Banini said.

The District Chief Executive (DCE) for the Garu-Tempane District, David Adakudugu, said all the affected areas were crucial to the local economy.

?If the Kongo-Basyonde road is completely destroyed like the Kugzua-Gagberi road, it will be disastrous for the over 5000 people there because they do not have health care facilities. This road is very important to them; they come to Basyonde for health care, education and to trade. We are happy that the Regional Minister and the SADA boss have agreed to come and see for themselves the level of destruction and the dangers on other roads in the district.?

Gilbert Iddi noted that the destroyed roads must be re-constructed to prevent total collapse.

He did not confirm whether the SADA would fund the rehabilitation of the affected roads.

However, he assured Hon Woyongo and the DCE that he would forward their complaints to the SADA Board.

Source Daily Guide Ghana


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