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Flight Schedules Screens At Kia Goes Off

The beautiful arrival hall at the Kotoka International Airport where people converge to either meet people coming into Ghana or do business has for the past two months been without flight schedule screens.

New PictureRecent visits to the Kotoka International airport’s arrival hall leaves guests wondering amongst themselves when a particular flight arrives if arrival announcements are not made.

Speaking to a business man who had come to the airport to pick up a business partner from Sudan on Ethiopian Airlines, ” my guest is to arrive at 11.50am but it is 1pm and have no clue what is going on” he said.

Though the KIA has one small cubicle with a telephone at the counter to make enquiries on flight schedules, on most occasions receptionists and attendant in the cubicle have little to inform guests.

A further check to the delay in flight was due to lack of space at the airport.

The Kotoka International airport which is usually in the news for one infrastructural or security problem started the New Year with news of flooding of the arrival hall of the only airport in the country.

Latest information has it that some air conditioners at the VIP lounge have been stolen whiles the ceiling at most halls in the airport has defects.

It is about time the major entry point to Ghana is given the needed attention by managers of the Kotoka International Airport to ensure that travelers take pleasure in their visit to and from the country.



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