At least two people were killed and five were missing in flash floods and landslides that hit Serbia and Romania, officials said Wednesday.

floodsAn elderly woman was swept away in a flash flood and three were missing in municipalities on the Serbian side of the River Danube, said Radovan Arezina, the mayor of Kladovo in eastern Serbia.

Across the river in Orsova in western Romania, a landslide killed a man in his car and two people were missing.

Torrential rain in the area at the start of the week caused flash floods in the mountains of the Djerdap Gorge, through which the Danube flows. The river separates Serbia and Romania.

Water roaring from the uplands tore away roads and houses along the river and deposited thick layers of mud, cutting off several municipalities.

The Environment and Water Ministry in Bulgaria, farther down the Danube, on Wednesday also issued a warning that flash floods are possible.

Serbia was hit hard by a series of floods this year, the worst occurring in May, when dozens of people drowned. The damage from that flooding was estimated at 1.6 billion euros (2 billion dollars).


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