The miners have been using this ventilation shaft to come up
The miners have been using this ventilation shaft to come up

Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals’ spokesperson, Badra Masoud said that the survivors were seriously injured and admitted at Kahama District Hospital.

Masoud said the survivors were among six people who were feared dead after the collapse of the mining pit, disclosing that one person confirmed dead in the pit, “but his body is yet to be recovered because he was left far away by his colleagues when they were trying to rescue themselves.”

The official explained that while in the pit the survivors were struggling to get out through underground tunnels and reach a place where they heard mining extraction going on and started shouting for help.

“When their colleagues noticed that there were people in the pit they went to report to their leaders to see the possibilities of rescuing them,” she said, noting that the survivors survived underground for 41 days before being rescued.

According to Masoud, while in the pit the survivors were eating plant roots and underground water which enabled them to survive for all the 41 days.

She said the situation became worse when their torches ran out of power because they were forced to live in total darkness.

The mine pit collapsed on October 5, but on Sunday the government in collaboration with Kahama district and leaders of the small scale miners managed to rescue the five people.

Early last month seven people were feared to have died after a pit collapsed at a mine site.

Shinyanga Regional Police Commander, Justus Kamugisha confirmed the incident. He said ten other people were rescued, though they sustained injuries and were being treated in nearby health facilities. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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