At least five miners were trapped and 13 others rescued after a gold mine collapsed in Tanzania’s northern region of Mara on Monday, authorities said on Tuesday.

Asbestos mines
Charles Mlingwa, Mara Regional Commissioner, said four of the 13 rescued miners were in critical conditions.

Mlingwa said a team of rescuers were working round the clock to save the lives of the trapped miners.

He told a news conference that authorities were not sure whether the trapped miners were still alive.

Mlingwa said information from the rescued miners had it that five of the miners still trapped underground were difficult to reach because their entrances had been blocked by huge rocks that fell when the mine collapsed.

“The mining pit is full of water,” said Mlingwa, adding that the government has suspended mining activities in the area.

A fortnight ago, 15 miners who were trapped in a mine pit at Nyarugusu in Geita region were rescued after four days. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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