repulsive fish smell
repulsive fish smell

Nauseating smell of fish, emanating from the Cape Coast beach, is creating discomfort at the Cape Coast Court Complex, located a few steps away, the Ghana News Agency (GNA) has observed.

repulsive fish smell
repulsive fish smell

The repugnant smell, which intensifies when the wind blows in the court?s direction, is as a result of large quantity of fish left to dry at the beach by some fisher folks, coupled with scales and other fish internal organs dumped at the beach during bumper harvest.
When court is in session, and the stench penetrates the rooms, judges, clerks, police and prison officers, accused persons, their relatives and other patrons, particularly at the Magistrate and Circuit Court One, cannot help but hold their noses in disgust.
Last week, a relative of an accused person nearly puked in the courtroom when she could no longer endure the stench, and there was an instance where an accused person in the dock during trial, asked permission to vacate the court room to throw up.
Some workers who spoke to the GNA on condition of anonymity, raised serious concerns about the effect the continuous gulping of the stench could have on their health, especially when they spent most of their time in the court rooms.
When the GNA contacted the Regional Administrator of the Complex, Mr.Gilbert Andam, to find out efforts being made to curb the situation, he said his office had written to the Cape Coast Metropolitan Assembly (CCMA), and was awaiting action.
A similar situation is found from Duakor to Abakam, on the Cape Coast-Takoradi Highway where, fish is dried on the shoulders of the road, making travelling by that route very uncomfortable and disgusting.
The Public Relations Officer of the CCMA, Mr. Nicholas Addo, acknowledged receipt of the court?s complaint, and said the Assembly was putting measures in place to find a lasting solution to the problem in the reported areas.
The fisher folks on the other hand, claim they dry fish at the beach because they have no other alternative, and if the CCMA finds an alternative for them, they will stop the act.
When dried to the preferred stage, fish is a delicacy for many people across the country.



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