The Adabraka Team of on Sunday 10th May, 2015 surprised the first lady of Calvary Baptist Church, Mrs Joana Deegbe, wife of Rev. Dr. Fred Deegbe, Senior Pastor of the church.
Mrs. Deegbe2This was part of the ?A Mother?s Love? Campaign initiated by Kristocrazygh to celebrate mothers for the wonderful support they have given us over the years. The campaign which will run throughout the month of May saw its first official Mother?s Day presentation.
Speaking with the team, MrsDeegbe said:
?With my years of experience with people and being a pastor?swife,I know that in life a seed must be sown before itgerminates. If the seed does not fall and die it cannot germinate.
Motherhood is all about giving. People complain why onmother?s day there is so much noise, it isbecause of the kindof giving offered by mothers.It is not necessarily money, its quality giving.
I know fathers give too and fathers thank you for giving. Alot of fathers are doing what some mothers didn?t use to do before. The types of giving mothers do are mostly sacrificial. Mothers are also intuitive too. Someone might have a need butcannot tell others, a woman can feel it; a woman can puther finger on it.And God has given us the ability, compassion,empathy to meet that need. Even to sacrifice. We know of women who soldtheir clothes toget to see their children through school.?
When asked what she has for all mothers, Mrs. Deegbe said:
?My message to all mothers is continue to give.God gave his only begotten son to come and die, this is the love God himself has exemplified for us, as mothers let continue, sometimes you may find out it is not even being appreciated or you may be taken for granted but is better to give than to withhold love.
Mothers are the prime givers, care, love givers and developing people, grooming,challenging, and making people reach where it?s unreachable, God has given us that unique ability and we should never underrate ourselves.
A man goes about doing big things but a woman does significant things.
I congratulate all women for all the sacrifices you continue to make.
Society is better because of women, God will continue to bless us and fill our heart
Happy mother?s day to all mothers out there. God bless you for a good job?


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