The Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) has alerted the public on the need to adopt fire safety measures in their homes, market places, public places of worship, vital state installations and industries during the Easter holidays.wpid-wpid-GhanaNationalFireServiceGNFSlogo.jpg

?This has been necessitated by the fact that the misuse of electricity and naked flame during festivities and holidays are enormous leading to injuries, deaths and damage of properties,? the service said in a statement.

The statement signed by Mr Prince Billy Angalate, Deputy Public Relations Officer of the GNFS on Thursday advised the public to ensure that all electrical gadgets are switched off before going out to Easter programmes such as conventions.

It said the public should make regular checks on the flexible tubes connecting from their gas cylinder to the burner to ensure that it is in good condition, while individual homes must acquire fire extinguishers for use in case of fire outbreaks.

The statement also asked that children should not be allowed to play with matches, candles and mosquito coils.

The public were also urged to have a fire safety routine to help keep them and their families safe.

?Emergency exits in homes must not be obstructed so as to facilitate rapid, prompt evacuation and rescue of trapped victims during fire outbreaks.?

The Service advised the public that any detection of fires should be reported at the nearest Fire Station or call 192 for assistance.

The statement added that the co-operation of the public in ensuring a fire free Easter is anticipated.

Meanwhile, the Chief Fire Officer, Dr Albert Brown Gaise and the entire management of the Fire Service have expressed their best wishes and happy Easter to Ghanaians.



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