Mr James Aboagye, President of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), has said investing in local movies is the best way to promote and preserve the country’s culture.

Mr Aboagye said the government ought to make deliberate investments to help salvage the movie industry, which is had taken a nose dive over the past years.


He urged the government to adopt a policy that would focus on investing in the film industry because “I believe it’s the best way of promoting, preserving and projecting our culture to the outside world.

“By investing in the film industry, government would have an interest in what is produced and how it will help preserve our culture,” he said in an interview.

Despite admitting that negative publicity had had an adverse effect on the film industry, Mr Aboagye said adding that, steps had been taken to improve the quality of storylines in our movies.

He said when the government invests in movie production; it would offer employment to talents in the film industry and also provide entertainment to the country at large.


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