Fiorentina have asked Fulham striker Dimitar Berbatov to reimburse them the price of two first class flights after the Bulgarian striker?s failure to show up to finalise contract talks.

The Serie A club rushed to buy plane tickets for the player and his agent last week after Berbatov, it was claimed by the club, had agreed personal terms.Fans of Fiorentina packed Florence airport the morning of his expected arrival, but Berbatov failed to show. It was later claimed he had had a change of heart after some last minute interest by Juventus.

Berbatov ultimately decided to remain in England and has since signed for Fulham. But Fiorentina want their money back, according to SkySport24. A report on ANSA news agency cited Fiorentina?s sporting director Daniele Prade as saying: ?We want back the money spent on the purchase of two first-class tickets.?


Source : AFP


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