It’s never an easy thing to find the best possible prices for your stay overseas or even just in another city for that matter. You can never be sure that you are getting the best rate because the hotels don’t always advertise their rates correctly. When it comes to the web, if you find a site that hasn’t updated their pricing, you’ll be extremely annoyed to find that you have been charged more for the package than was originally advertised. Sure they will often refer you to the fine print that says the prices are subject to change, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that it is their responsibility to ensure their customers are correctly informed. Australians are pretty pedantic about their prices and if you don’t have the right pricing, then you have a problem.

Before you travel to Australia you will need to make sure you have accommodation booked and ready for you by the time you get there.


Hotel Brisbane will help you search for places online if you prefer to do the searching yourself, alternatively you can get a travel agent to arrange everything for you on your behalf. You might be able to get a good rate through the travel agent, but you can be sure that they are earning a commission off your booking. They might not always have your best interests at heart when it comes to sending you somewhere, because a particular package might have an incentive attached to it, so they will most likely try push that deal on you. It might be a great deal, but it won’t necessarily be what you are looking for. Especially if you are hoping to go to Australia and they are offering to send you to Italy or Spain. Local travel is a lot easier to organise because you are already in the country and you are able to tell whether or not you are getting decent accommodation for your money. As a tourist it is okay to stay in a hotel or lodge because you can afford it, but for locals it often works out cheaper to find places that are off the grid and can be found by knowing the place rather than trying to find it through the regular commercial channels that so many hotel chains tend to use.

You can find four and five star hotels online if you look carefully enough and if you are not sure, it is always better to speak to the locals to find out what they can recommend for you.

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