Death is a painful part of life that everyone needs to face at least once and funeral is the ritual that everyone pays off to offer a humble send off to the deceased. Funeral planning is usually done by relatives or friends but now days many people pre plan their own funeral in order to protect their near ones from the stress of planning a funeral and the host of responsibilities that move along with it. One of the major responsibilities of funeral planning is finding a Great mausoleum for the sweet rest of the dead. Mausoleum holds Great importance in almost all the cultures across the globe. The Taj Mahal, the Great Pyramid, the City of Tombs and so on reflects the importance of mausoleum across different cultures in different parts of the world.


 All the above mentioned mausoleums are important and some of the Great mausoleums of the world. There are other epitomes of Great mausoleum and one of such is the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale. Such Great mausoleums can be of good inspiration for people who are looking forward to build a family mausoleum or a new community mausoleum. Great mausoleum can be classified ideally into two types – community mausoleum and family mausoleum.  Community mausoleum is publicly held on the other hand family mausoleum is those which people privately built for only families and relations. Family mausoleums are confined only to family and most of the times outsiders are not allowed to visit such mausoleums. Family mausoleums stand as an epitome of the Great mausoleum in the minds of the future generations. The first task one need to perform before building the Great mausoleum is selecting the location. After finalizing and buying the plot, one needs to decide about the design and architecture of the mausoleum.


One can go through deigns of some of the Great mausoleums of the location and get inspiration to build another Great one. Some of the important and must features that should be present in mausoleum are long lasting building material that hold it stand strong for years. Moreover people build mausoleums with marbles or other rich stones to give it a rich look. Mausoleum prices vary based on such expenses. People going for rich look and design with rich stones and materials pay hugely while building Great mausoleums while others confine themselves to something simple and elegant. offers you the big picture of building mausoleums in detail. Explore our galleries of pictures and mausoleum details and plan perfect the mausoleum along with Greatness. 

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