The NDC National Organizer, Mr. Yaw Boateng Gyan, has implicated Dr. Kwabena Duffour in an organised treacherous endeavour to sway election December 7, 2012 in favour of the incumbent NDC party.?At one of?Yaw’s secret meetings with some NDC hoodlums,?an unknown person recorded his?supposed interactions with the Finance Minister about funding the NDC’s atrocious scheming to win the upcoming elections. The recorded tapes are now in the Ghana media and?the?public?domain. Their contents have become hot topics of debate and discussions.

The Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, has come out to deny any knowledge of financing the NDC in the areas as specified by the Chief Hoodlum, Yaw Boateng Gyan. The vehement denial of the allegation by Dr. Duffour has temporarily put a stop to the salvos Ghanaians are firing at him. Some were calling for his arrest. Others?were dragging his long earned credibility and integrity through the muddy puddle.

I surely knew that?even though Kwabena owes NDC much for his popularity, he would never stoop too low; going down that dangerous path of party cleansing. Former President Rawlings, the Founder of the NDC?appointed him the Governor of Bank of Ghana. The late President Mills also appointed him the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning in his NDC government. He holds NDC party membership, for that even a foetus can vouch for its certainty.

If Kwabena had tarried a minute longer coming out to challenge the veracity of Yaw Boateng Gyan’s allegations of his involvement in felonious?activities against the people of Ghana, I would personally have joined the frenzy to call for his resignation.

Kwabena has always been?an honest, dynamic and dedicated finance expert resolutely determined to be of service to his people and to Mother Ghana. Unfortunately, he has found himself in the midst of NDC, a party and government full of?insatiably greedy persons and hoodlums.

He is calling for the arrest of Yaw Boateng Gyan, a crook and a nation wrecker, for?falsely implicating him?in acts of felony. Should he not see through his call for Yaw Boateng Gyan’s arrest, then many a Ghanaian will still believe he was deeply involved in the plots as alleged. His name will stay tarnished.?On the other hand, if he exerts pressure leading to the seizure?of?Yaw Boateng Gyan by?the?National Security agents, the NDC party and government will turn against him. A person like that ugly-looking Asiedu Nketiah will start bad-mouthing him.

With the just explained “me ba a Ennba, me k3 a Enk3” situation, I am perfectly right to say, the Finance Minister is in a dilemma. He is stringently sandwiched between a rock and a?hard surface. He who sleeps with dogs catches fleas. Kwabena in his determination to serve Mother Ghana has always found?himself on the slippery slope of the nation’s political divide. He is always with the NDC, a party that abounds in greedy bastards and sycophants, as said Rawlings.

My fellow Kumawu citizen is learning his lesson to be of service to his country and people the hardest way. Kwabena continue but be wary of the NDC, people who have no respect for human life but their protruding “money swine” stomachs dangling in front of them like kwashiorkor sufferers.

All will be well with Kwabena after December 7, 2012 when Ghanaians will have chased out the NDC. It will be a great mistake if upon all the obvious lawlessness, criminalities in perpetration by the NDC, Ghanaians should see the Finance Minister actively or secretly campaigning for the re-election of the NDC. I am sure he will not cast his vote for the NDC,?a?party that has an agenda to starve the Ashanti Region of development simply because Ashanti Region votes predominantly their opponent,?the NPP. If I were Kwabena, I would not advise my family to vote NDC, as evil as they are.

Good name is a million times better than riches. Therefore, Kwabena will at the right time take appropriate measures to redeem his name from the blemish suffered for working for the NDC party and government.?The NDC have come to see government corruption and complicity in crime as a way of life, and a way of hanging on to power.?


Source: Rockson Adofo


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