The incident which occurred Saturday afternoon, has left the entire student body and staff in a state of shock and grieve.

According to sources, the victim Frank Worentetu who is in his early 20s was climbing the tree to ostensibly pluck the some of fruits but fell off the tree in the process.

He was however pronounced dead upon arrival at the St. Paul’s Hospital in Akatsi.
?A level 300 student who was climbing a coconut tree behind the mother block, and fell during the process. He was rushed to the hospital but died upon arrival,? a source stated.

Adding that ?the entire school is saddened by the incident, because just yesterday [Friday] their out programme postings was released.?

The Akatsi district Police commander, Supt. Dennis Fiakpui has confirmed the incident and said investigation has began into the tragedy.

Meanwhile the school authorities have also sent a delegation to the parent of the deceased student to informed them about the incident.

Source : Lambert Atsivor Kofi


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