Women proposing marriage to their male counterparts in the Ghanaian setting is very rare but becomes a reality when desperation sets in.

Efya Odo who stars in the ”Countertrade” romantic movie comedy as Kafui, begins her quest to settle down with Godwin Namboh (Who stars as Gary), after their five-year relationship.

The elevator would certainly be a wrong place you would want to snuggle up with someone you love but Kafui was certainly unfazed about that scenario.

Kafui was worried about how a man she has dated over a five-year period couldn’t see her as marriage material but hours in the ”faulty” elevator would unravel some secrets about their relationship.

Romance could take place anywhere, but Gary and Kafui decided to make love in the elevator which clearly led to a disastrous consequence.

Jeffery Nortey (Alvin), an elevator mechanic, bumps into the two love birds on the elevator who apparently happens to a friend of the duo which led to more mystery.

The tale ended with Kafui heartbroken having found out about Gary’s secret marriage with other woman and in a movie which delivered all the suspense, thrills and chills.

Anita Oduro, the storyteller in an interview with the Ghana News Agency at the premiere last Saturday, revealed the ideat behind the movie stating that, she wanted to subvert the expectations of her audience, making it difficult for them to tell what would happen the next moment.

For movie love fans the ”Countertrade” thriller is a movie you would want to watch not once but many times considering the intricacies that comes along.


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