mus2014 is just a few days old and Ghanaian movie star Fiifi Coleman has been caught in a scandal in the name of a movie.

Thinking that the years of nudity has ended in our movie industry; we came across nude pictures of Fiifi Coleman from an informant who revealed to us that, the actor starred in a recent film titled ??Any more women?

According to our source, after the photo-shoot, Fiifi Coleman later went back to the director of the movie and pleaded with the latter not to leak the pictures to the media because he is not comfortable with it after snapping.

Currently, some of the nude pictures are already in possession of some Ghanaian media men and some of them are still deliberating on whether they should release it or not.

On record, Fiifi Coleman, some years back, lambasted Ghanaian film producer/director Socrates Sarfo for being the brain behind the numerous soft porn movies we have in the country. Hypocrisy they say, will find all of us out someday.

We hope to follow up on this allegation and the movie…………….

Below are the new pictures and new poster the producer has decided to shoot to replace the nude poster.

By Mustapha A Inusah/Attractive


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