Foreign spare parts dealers at the Suame Magazine in Kumasi are accusing their Ghanaian counterparts of greed.?The foreigners, mostly Nigerians, say Ghanaians prefer buying from them because they sell at lower prices compared to their Ghanaian counterparts.

The Suame spare parts dealers have accused the foreigners of taking over their spare parts retail business. They have vowed to close down shops belonging to foreigners if government does not step in to stop the foreigners from the retail business at magazine.

Vice President of the Nigerian Traders Association, Obodoekwe Eliazar, tells ultimate radio foreign traders in Ghana should be allowed to stay and ply their trade. He says many Ghanaians will become unemployed if they are sent away.

He adds that Ghana risks losing significant revenue if the foreigners are banned. Meanwhile the Magazine Mechanical Association is calling for a dialogue to resolve the impasse between Ghanaian spare parts dealers and their foreign colleagues. Chairman of the Association; Sarpong Boateng says dialogue is the only way out. He also blames local spare parts dealers for allowing foreigners to engage in retail business at the area.

-Bernard Buachi, Ultimate Radio


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