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Fight Brew Between Donaeo And Vibesquad Over ?drop?

By?Vibe SquadTV

Rarely do we hear of these things in the music industry, probably because most musicians are quite tolerant with each other when it comes to one artist taking material from the other and publishing it as their own. However the UK Afrobeats scene has been fired up this week with the camp of world-renowned UK and African musician Donaeo threatening to sue Vibe Squad, another well known group in the industry for the use of Donaeo?s sample and style in the intro of their latest release called ?DROP?.

Donaeo?s camp is insisting they are not suing Vibe Squad just for the money but for the principle and to set an example to all other artist that they cannot go around taking people?s hard earned style without consent.

?Vibe Squad and their management only had to make one phone call to us and we would have gone through the right channels and given them permission for the use of Donaeo?s material, we know they are young and new to this scene but these things are just simple courtesy and common sense. There is no doubt that the general public will think Donaeo is either on the song or has endorsed the song and as such they are unfairly stealing his fans without his consent?

This was a message we got back from Donaeo?s publicist, who also insisted that they will be willing to sit and talk with Vibe Squad if Vibe Squad can come up with a reasonable compensation. Several Attempts to get in contact with Donaeo himself has not yet materialised.

However, we managed to get in contact with both Kelvin and Wizzy from Vibe Squad to discuss the issue although they seemed very uncomfortable to release information, they managed to tell us that they are yet to receive anything formal from Donaeo?s team suggesting they were being sued and as far as they are concerned these are just rumours. They said they did nothing wrong on their side, the music was produced by J.O.A.T and the instrumentals came with the vocals in the intro. They also did mention that they were quite close to Donaeo, and would be disappointed if Donaeo took such a serious approach without first contacting them since they regard him as one of their ?mentors?. This will however not stop the duo from promoting the song in dispute because so far as they are concerned they added 100% of the artistry work after getting the instrumentals off J.O.A.T.

We shall bring more to light when we receive it, but we believe such a suit is good for promoting responsibility and creativity in the African music industry, it is good to see the UK African artist start the trend.


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