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The fight against corruption in Madagascar has declined for the past eight years, the General Director of the Independent Anti-Corruption Bureau (Bianco) Jean Louis Andriamifidy said on Friday.

On the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) released by the transparency International, Madagascar scored 28/100 in 2016, down from 34/100 in 2008, Jean Louis Andriamifidy told Xinhua in an interview on Friday at the occasion of the celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

“Without CPI the facts seen in daily life in Madagascar, including hiring of public servant, cases in the court, traffic police, sharing public tenders, reflect this decline of fight against corruption in Madagascar,” Andriamifidy said.

Corruption went up in Madagascar for the past 8 years because of the 5-year political crisis which exploded in 2009, Randriamifidy added.

Because of poverty, people agree the purchase of their choice and rights, while some leaders want to neglect the fight against corruption already launched by the government since 2004, Andriamifidy explained.

To improve the situation, “we set up a new strategy of fight against corruption until 2025. A new law against corruption was written and will be sent to the parliament by the end of 2016,” Andriamifidy said. He added that his office is planning to adopt a law on the return of goods received illegally. Enditem

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