The deputy Minister for Finance, Fifi Kwetey has beaten incumbent Member of Parliament for Ketu South, Albert Zigah in a landslide victory in the final NDC parliamentary primaries.

Mr. Kwetey polled 403 votes while Mr. Albert Zigah managed only 60 votes in the primaries held on Saturday.

Mr. Raphael Alorwu, a National Service District Director polled 82 votes, Nyphson Agbagedy a former NDC parliamentary aspirant in the 2004 elections had 30 votes, Nicholas Woclachie 6 votes, Elzabeth Kunyefu, an educationist and a gender activist polled 3 votes and Frederick Alipui had just 1 vote.

Mr. Fifi Kwetey will seek to retain the seat for the NDC in the upcoming December elections.

Unlike other constituencies which had their primaries in January, Ketu South?s primary was put on hold in anticipation of a split of the constituency into two separate ones.

Mr. Kwetey in his victory message thanked the delegates for turning up massively to vote for him and urged them to ensure that he wins the seat in the December polls for more developmental projects.

He however stated that the New Patriotic Party must be worried with his victory saying he is ready to cause them more problems in Parliament if he gets the nod in December.



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