Mr. Luca Nicola, FIFA’s Head of Member Association, has assured the new administration of Ghana football for their continual support in its restructuring process.

Ghana football over the past months had undergone series of changes under the Normalization Committee (NC) especially with the adoption of new status by Congress and approved by Football world’s governing body, FIFA.

Speaking at the GFA’s Extra-Ordinary Congress at the Physicians and Surgeons College in Accra on Friday, Mr. Nicola lauded the NC for their efforts in leading Ghana football during the turbulent times.

“Today’s congress marks an important milestone for the GFA after almost 14 months of the NC whoms work is scheduled to come to an end with a new leadership set to be ushered in.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the President of the NC including all members who guided Ghana football through its difficult period, ” he said.

Mr. Nicola was impressed with the GFA NC for organising a debate for Presidential aspirants which sets the pace for its 211 member countries during the electioneering process.

He also tasked the new GFA adminstration to be proactive in tackling the various challenges that confronts the football in the country.

“Whoever elected has to tackle plenty of challenges and needs to count on support from all stakeholders to ensure the new GFA becomes a professional association which operates with highest modern ethical and good governance standard.

He also assured the new GFA of their relentless support in dealing with the ethical and disciplinary misconduct of some members as well as organising an integrity workshop for members in the next coming months.


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