The Veterans Administration Ghana(VAG) in collaboration with Forces Help Ghana and InnovaDDB Ghana has taken another giant step by launching a fundraising campaign to help build a wellness centers for the Veterans in Ghana.

In an interview with the Ex-Warrant Officer 1 (WO1) Bright Segbefia, Public Relations Officer of Veterans Administration Ghana (VAG) after a breakfast meeting being held in Accra,he noted that the fundraising was also aimed at raising awareness on the great works done by these Veterans who fought in the Second World War on behalf of the country.

This he said, the initiative is also aimed at appreciating and recognising the efforts of veterans and helping to raise their standards of living.

According to him, the project when completed will go a long way to help address the health needs and wellbeing of the veterans.

Adding that, there would be a fundraising to help in the promotion of all the activities ahead of the Day of Remembrance for the veterans.

According to him, in July there will be the campaign walk; in August a marathon race and in September a musical concert.

However, he seized the opportunity appeal to individuals and corporate bodies to come to the aid of veterans in order to help them live a better life.

Senior Account Manager of Innova DDB Ghana , Sheila Elikem Kattah, hinted that in countries in like USA and Europe veterans are well catered; adding that there was the need for Ghana as a country to also do the same to its heroes who toiled for the country.

This she said, these heroes contributed to abating a war that would have escalated to the rest of the world including Ghana.

Stressing that, this is the time to show them love and also honour them for the tremendous work done.

Co-Founder of Forces Help Ghana, Derrick Cobbinah, said their primary focus is on those who are still alive; adding that they will ascertain that through VAG data and records Centre.

Mr. Cobbinah, said having served in the British Army for the past 10 years he came to identify himself with the plight of the veterans and hence helped to draw the attention of the UK Government to the issue.

And as a result, some funding was sourced from the British Government to ensure that each Second World War veteran soldier received 1000 Pounds every month for the next 10 years.

The event which was held in Grand – style was characterised by music and dance and a health screening, particularly to screen the veterans for prostate anomalies.


The VAG is embarking on this project in partnership with Forces Help Ghana (FHG), a United Kingdom (UK) based non-governmental organisation (NGO) which provides support for Ghanaian veterans; Innova DDB Ghana, an advertising company, and Genelec Infrastructure Development Services (GIDS), a developer

Surce: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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