Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)
Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)

Charlotte Osei - Ghana's Electoral Commissioner (EC)
Charlotte Osei – Ghana’s Electoral Commissioner (EC)
I wish to express my little and simple mind about the current voter registration exhibition going on in the country.
A. As it is now , the EC is going through the following process;
1. Deleting about 56,772 names supposed to have used the NHIS for registration. It seems most of the people affected are disputing that they did not use the NHIS Card and thus if the EC could show how they arrived at these names, it could help us as a nation.

2. EC came up with a new register after crossing out the above mentioned names. Here too people are contesting that names supposed to have been deleted are still in the register, while others not among the deleted names are also cancelled from the register.

3. All registered voters are to verify their names during the exhibition but I do not know what the EC will do with names on the register which will not be verified.

4. Those whose names are deleted or missing from the register will have to go to the district offices to process for their names to be added in the new register to be compiled.

5. A new register will be done with some names deleted but includes/excludes the non-verified names.

6. Since people complain there are more than the 56,772 disputed people who registered with the NHIS, this system does not remove the OTHERS as directed by the Supreme court.

7. People who do not find their names have to go to the district offices and back and forth at a great cost of time and money wasted whether they can afford or not else they are disenfranchised.

8. People are advised to bring documents to support the removal of dead people’s name from the register.

In my simple mind, the above looks too cumbersome, laborious, expensive and waste of time but does not also solve the problem of credible register.
On the other hand
1. The whole of the register could be exhibited without crossing out or deleting names etc.
2. All registered voters should have been made to verify their names (just like its being done) and to show proper identification as per the law.
3. Only verified names shall appear in the new register.

C. It shows clearly that in the alternative B as compared to Alternative A which the EC has adopted, we avoid the following:

1. The cost of employing people to fish out names which are also disputed and thus unnecessary cost to Ghana.
2. The cost to individuals who go to the registration centre only to find that their names are missing and will have to travel to the district offices etc. at a great cost of time and money.
3. Dead person’s names are automatically excluded from the 2nd alternative.
4. Those who used NHIS cards and want to re-register are automatically solved by the production of lawful identification and illegally registered people are automatically deleted.

In conclusion, it beats my small and simple mind why the EC will choose a cumbersome and expensive and time wasting method which may produce still not credible register to a simple, less expensive and time saving for both the EC and the electorate and which to me will eliminate most of the doubtful names and thus produce a much more credible register for mother Ghana.
In my simple and little mind as an Engineer, WE were taught in the late 1960’s at the School of Engineering to consider SAFETY, THE MOST ECONOMICAL, DURABLE AND EFFICIENT in the decisions we take and I think this should apply to all sectors if we want to make a progress as a country.
I have observed elections since our independence and it seems we are going from bad to worse .


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